TinyGUI4CV 0.6

Slimmed down version of Cisco VPN client


  • Lightweight and quicker than using Cisco's VPN client


  • Not necessary unless you want connection stats


The developer of TinyGUI4CV says that he created it because he was "angry" at Cisco's VPN. What exactly was the problem is not clear although as a regular user of Cisco's client, I do think it's rather slow to disconnect.

TinyGUI4CV is a simple application that installs a new menu in your menu bar from which you can connect or disconnect quickly and easily from your Cisco VPN client. It is not designed as a substitute for the Cisco VPN client but rather as a plug-in that allows you to connect to it with more ease, with performance stats, IP address of the client and the type of encoding used.

TinyGUI4CV also includes a configuration panel for the configuration of Cisco's VPN client. There are also options to update the client and disconnect without touching the VPN Client itself. There's nothing much more to in than that but it does give more information and easier direct access than accessing the Cisco client all the time.

If you want more instant control over your Cisco Client and a few stats for extra measure, TinyGUI4CV is worth installing.



TinyGUI4CV 0.6

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